14 Aug 2014


I'll admit it: I'm not a big DIY person and besides, I don't have many ideas that would be worth the realization process anyway. I've always adored those who can come up with various ideas and make them happen, regardless of what they focus on: jewelry, clothes, prints, the list could go on. One of those creative people is Damijana who came up with the idea of making cool personalized labels via the web. Originally a graphic designer, her cute fresh company, Bit Labels, was founded not that long ago and all the labels are truly a delight to look at.

So, what exactly does the Bit Labels company do? You can create your own personalized labels on the web by following just a few very simple steps. Easy-peasy and super fast. Labels are perfect for numerous occasions: weddings, anniversaries, receptions, baby showers, birthdays or any other event that seems important to you. What's better than putting your own words and pictures on an elegant custom-designed label and making your special event even more personalized? Just imagine all your homemade products looking cool and carrying your own personal touch.

I wanted to get to know Damijana better, so I asked her to answer a few questions about her promising company.

5 Aug 2014


Blogging is such an awesome thing. Why? I've said it too many times already, but never mind, I'm gonna say it again: you get to know so many amazing people. Some of them become your friends (even if only through Facebook, Twitter and Blogger), again some become your idols. That's exactly the deal with Fran from the blog My Music, My Concerts, My Life. His blog is all about good music (and I mean GOOD music), gigs reviews, record stores reviews, and lord, he's got some amazing writing skills. Let me give you some facts about Fran: he never had coffee until his 20's. Now he drinks at least 48 ounces a day. He had a stuffed animal in Jr High called Super Pickle. His boss had a cat that died in March. They wanted to bury it but the ground was frozen. They forgot about the cat in the freezer for over a year (he also has video proof). So, after some chatting we decided that it's only right to make a music post together. Fran came up with the idea of doing our top 6 "I'm mad as hell and I'm NOT going to take this anymore" songs and I was on the band wagon in no time. So here they are: Fran's top 6 angry songs. Enjoy!

11 Jul 2014


Remember the "Effortless Beach Curls" series I did last summer? If you don't, you can check those posts here, here and here. And because summer isn't really summer without them laid back curls, I decided to present you my favorite products to achieve natural looking, easy to make bombshell waves. I'm leaving for my vacay tomorrow (finally!), so what better time to post a little beauty infusion. Meet my fav summer bunch!

7 Jul 2014


I love discovering young and creative talents - this endeavour seems to be becoming the main theme of my blog and I couldn't be more satisfied that blogging has (quite unconsciously) put me on this path. So here I am, happy to present you the fascinating photography of a 19-year-old Elena Pezzetta. She's a freelance photographer from Bari (south of Italy) whose work is absolutely inspiring, a bit dreamy and realistic at the same time, and just enough melancholic for those with a more gloomy taste. Elena's passion lies in creating new worlds through photography. Her vision extends beyond the realm of the camera, creating images that can be quite surreal. Each image is a story for itself. Girl's got an appetite for adventures, new experiences, and she says that testing her own strength gives her the shivers. She's deeply connected with nature and that's why she's gonna fly over the Amazonian rain forest when she's all grown-up and rich. There's nothing Elena enjoys more than listening to the eternal sound of waves crashing, because it reminds her of her (eternal) struggle between creation and destruction. Does she imagine her life without art? Nope, can't do. She claims, totally unpretentiously, that she doesn't know if she's an artist, but she sure knows that her life would be a misery without art. She's currently studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the same time practicing photography and perfecting her writing skills. I see a bright future for this young lady, she sure is the living definition of creativity! Check for yourself.

2 Jul 2014


It's been a hell of a long time since my last Insta or any kind of a more personal post. Time just flies when you have to ... study. Yep, I was a major study cocoon for the last two months or so, but I just want to get this Uni shiz done and be over with it, so I guess the suffering behind the books is kinda inevitable. Also, all the studying somehow drained every bit of creativity in me and now I'm stuck in writing this Insta post and wondering what the hell have I been doing for the last few months. If I quote my fellow blogger Sonia: "I figured it might be fun to look back upon the past six months and see just how little I've managed to accomplish." Seriously, it seems like all I've been doing (apart from trying to memorize too many psychometric properties) was eating burgers, sporting a bit, and then eating some more (bikini body, what does that mean?). I'm not too worried though since I'm quite sure summer's got some dope adventures and diversity in store for me.

25 Jun 2014


If you're a social network freak like myself you may have come across a photo or two that looks like it had a very elegant vintage filter applied to it. In fact, you probably have come across more than just one or two considering the fact that Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps. It can be a great tool to help uncover your photography skills (which in my case didn't really happen), but for most of us it's mainly a tool for scrolling through our favourite feeds and feel suffocated by fabulousness: there's one person who is paddling on the surfboard at Bayron Bay, another one snapped away a gorgeous sunset in San Fran, yet another is sipping Champagne in Singapore Airlines business class en route to Sao Paulo, while the fourth is ... OK, you get the picture. But let's face it: everyone's life looks better on the internet than it does in real life. It's not the fanciness that catches my eye, though. It's the refined attention to details, the perfect positioning of objects, the light, the simplicity. And my friend Tjaša is a master of all those things. With over 27.000 followers she's one of the queens of Instagram. Period. She's also just moved to Dubai and I'm drooling over every single pic that she posts - the beaches, cafés, skyscrapers ... Oh, and last but not least, she finally set up a blog called Tjaša In Her Own World, where she writes about living in the UAE, various lifestyle topics and much more. Enough with the talking, meet the very lovely Tjaša!