6 Oct 2014


In any genre of music there tends to be two types of women performing on stage: tough girls versus nice girls. Tough girls like Patti Smith and PJ Harvey get some kind of respect for displaying the attributes that society usually honors in men. You know, the direct, balls-out confrontational effect. On the other hand, nice girls like Sarah McLachlan or Dusty Springfield gain our admiration with the sweetness and conformity that we tend to associate with femininity. It's all a false dichotomy, of course, since no one is purely sweet or purely strong. This is the case with Jana and Vesna and their band "All Strings Detached". They appear vulnerable and openly defiant and fit mostly into a shadowy third category of calm, down-to-earth women artists. "All Strings Detached" was formed in 2013 with two main figures: Jana Beltran on acoustic-electric guitar and Vesna Godler on bass guitar and drums. Their debut album "Heavy Rain" is filled with the sounds of somewhat classical melodies, blues rhythms, and rock'n'roll. They're effectively mixing their expressive vocals with minimalistic arrangements which are filled with grief, pain, love, sweet and sour memories. The lyrics are emotionally expressive, vulnerable, laced with anger and sadness, but never stereotypically feminine, coy, or girlish. I had a little chat with Jana and Vesna about their first album "Heavy Rain", their future plans, and their story. Grab a cuppa and read on.

Photo: Jan

22 Sep 2014


It gets the same every autumn when the ferocious need for jazz music starts kicking in. My auditory cortex is on fire and it almost gets unbearable because I want to wake up to jazz, have my lunch with jazz in the background and fall asleep to the sweet tunes of jazz. A few days ago I even had a dream in which I was strolling around Harlem with Duke Ellington, finishing the evening in Cotton Club. So what better way to start this autumn than with some unfathomable depth of improvised tunes produced by the super-talented free jazz saxophonist Cene Resnik? I've wanted to interview him for ages because he just has "it", meaning highly developed musical sensitivity, a slightly cryptic sense for auditory quality, a talent for spontaneous improvisation ... You get the picture. After all the formal education in Slovenia, he continued his studies in Klagenfurt and later in New York, where he collaborated with and learnt from artists such as Doug Hammond, Reggie Workman, Joe Zawinul, and Greg Osby. He released his debut album "Joyful Spontaneity" with the Cene Resnik Quartet in 2012. His latest work "From The Sky" was released early in 2014 and it's fresh and full of epic free jazz compositions. Cene is also a full-on Buddhist with a soft spot for nature, quiet mornings, simplicity and, of course, spontaneity. Say HEY to Cene.

3 Sep 2014


I love receiving postcards from friends who are exploring or just vaca'ing around the globe. You know, the old-fashioned postcards? C'mon, I know y'all still remember those! I can still recall how I was hectically writing down addresses of all my school mates right before the summer holidays started. Ah, good old days. But while I was looking to buy some postcards on my latest travel, the selection of those was really, really poor. It was such a sad sight! I mean, I was in this beautiful picturesque village in Lanzarote and there was only a pitiful selection of old, sun-drained, extremely boring postcards. I'm well aware of the fact that we live in the web era when postcards are so last decade, but that's certainly a poor excuse for not preserving an old-school habit that can warm your heart. That's why I was so happy to discover the Kards Design, which is a collaborative project founded by two lovely and very creative girls. They came up with a brilliant idea of producing interactive postcards, so both the sender and the receiver are able to interact with them in lots of different ways. Oh, and the designs are very beautiful as well. Want to know more? Read on and meet Léa and Melissa.

14 Aug 2014


I'll admit it: I'm not a big DIY person and besides, I don't have many ideas that would be worth the realization process anyway. I've always adored those who can come up with various ideas and make them happen, regardless of what they focus on: jewelry, clothes, prints, the list could go on. One of those creative people is Damijana who came up with the idea of making cool personalized labels via the web. Originally a graphic designer, her cute fresh company, Bit Labels, was founded not that long ago and all the labels are truly a delight to look at.

So, what exactly does the Bit Labels company do? You can create your own personalized labels on the web by following just a few very simple steps. Easy-peasy and super fast. Labels are perfect for numerous occasions: weddings, anniversaries, receptions, baby showers, birthdays or any other event that seems important to you. What's better than putting your own words and pictures on an elegant custom-designed label and making your special event even more personalized? Just imagine all your homemade products looking cool and carrying your own personal touch.

I wanted to get to know Damijana better, so I asked her to answer a few questions about her promising company.

5 Aug 2014


Blogging is such an awesome thing. Why? I've said it too many times already, but never mind, I'm gonna say it again: you get to know so many amazing people. Some of them become your friends (even if only through Facebook, Twitter and Blogger), again some become your idols. That's exactly the deal with Fran from the blog My Music, My Concerts, My Life. His blog is all about good music (and I mean GOOD music), gigs reviews, record stores reviews, and lord, he's got some amazing writing skills. Let me give you some facts about Fran: he never had coffee until his 20's. Now he drinks at least 48 ounces a day. He had a stuffed animal in Jr High called Super Pickle. His boss had a cat that died in March. They wanted to bury it but the ground was frozen. They forgot about the cat in the freezer for over a year (he also has video proof). So, after some chatting we decided that it's only right to make a music post together. Fran came up with the idea of doing our top 6 "I'm mad as hell and I'm NOT going to take this anymore" songs and I was on the band wagon in no time. So here they are: Fran's top 6 angry songs. Enjoy!

11 Jul 2014


Remember the "Effortless Beach Curls" series I did last summer? If you don't, you can check those posts here, here and here. And because summer isn't really summer without them laid back curls, I decided to present you my favorite products to achieve natural looking, easy to make bombshell waves. I'm leaving for my vacay tomorrow (finally!), so what better time to post a little beauty infusion. Meet my fav summer bunch!